Alster & Radler

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Alster & Radler - The Refreshing Beer Mix Drinks

What is a Radler?

A Radler is a refreshing beer mix drink which consists of beer and lemonade. The name Radler originally comes from Bavaria and is derived from the word "Radfahrer" which means cyclist. Legend has it that a couple who owned a beer garden directly on a popular bike route in the 1920s mixed lemonade with beer when the cyclists found the beer too heavy, and thus invented the Radler.

What is the difference between Alster and Radler?

Alster and Radler are two different beer mix drinks. While a Radler consists of beer and lemonade, an Alster is mixed with beer and lemon-lime soda. The difference may seem small at first glance, but due to the lemon-lime soda, an Alster tastes slightly fruitier and more refreshing than a classic Radler.

How is an Alster or Radler made?

To make an Alster or Radler, all you need is a Pilsner or Helles and a lemonade or lemon-lime soda. Depending on your taste preferences, the two drinks should be mixed in a ratio of 50:50 or 60:40. To make the drink even more refreshing, ice cubes can be added.

What is the best beer for Alster and Radler?

For an Alster or Radler, light and pale beers such as Pilsner, Helles, or Export are particularly suitable. Non-alcoholic beer can also be used to make Alster and Radler. It is important that the beer is not too heavy, as this would impair the refreshing character of the drink.

How many calories does an Alster or Radler have?

Compared to pure beer, an Alster or Radler has a lower alcohol content and therefore fewer calories. An average Radler has about 170 calories per 0.5 liters, while an Alster contains slightly fewer calories at around 150 calories.

What flavors are available for Alster and Radler?

Alster and Radler are available in different flavors. In addition to the classic Radler and Alster, there are also variants with grapefruit, orange, or elderflower. Non-alcoholic versions are also available nowadays.


Overall, Alster and Radler are refreshing beer mix drinks that are especially popular on hot summer days. Due to their lower alcohol content, they are also suitable for people who do not like strong beer. Why not try one of the different flavors and find your personal favorite?