Kitchen Tools for Hobby and Professional Chefs

The Basic Equipment


A good knife is essential in every kitchen. Especially a sharp chef's knife should not be missing in any basic equipment.

Cutting Board

To protect the knife and the work surface, one should use a cutting board. Wood or plastic are the most common materials used.

Cooking Spoon

A cooking spoon is essential for stirring soups, sauces and other dishes. One should pay attention to the length and material.

Cooking Pot

A good cooking pot is important for preparing pasta, rice or vegetables. A model with a thick bottom and a matching lid is recommended.

The Extended Equipment

Frying Pan

In addition to the cooking pot, one should also own a good frying pan. There are different materials such as stainless steel or cast iron.

Kitchen Scale

Especially when baking, accurate measurement of ingredients is important. A kitchen scale is a great help for this.


A mixer is a great help for smoothies, soups or sauces. There are different models that are suitable for different requirements.

Food Processor

Those who bake or cook regularly can benefit from a food processor. This allows dough to be kneaded, vegetables to be chopped and much more to be done.


A good basic equipment in the kitchen is important for every hobby and professional chef. In addition to a sharp chef's knife, a cutting board and a cooking pot, a frying pan, a kitchen scale, a mixer and a food processor can also be practical. Nothing stands in the way of the perfect cooking experience.