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Soaps - Discover our variety of natural and vegan soaps

Natural soaps for a gentle cleanse

Our natural soaps are made from high-quality and sustainable ingredients. We avoid synthetic fragrances and colors as well as artificial preservatives. Our soaps cleanse your skin gently and are suitable for sensitive skin types. Discover our selection of scented soaps such as lavender, citrus, or rose.

Vegan soaps for an environmentally conscious care

As an environmentally conscious online shop, we rely on vegan soaps that are free from animal ingredients. Our soaps are produced without animal testing and thus contribute to sustainable and animal-friendly care. Vegan soap care offers a wide range of different fragrances and active ingredients that pamper your skin.

Soaps as a gift idea

Our soaps are not only suitable for personal care but also as a gift idea for friends and family. Discover our gift sets, which consist of various soaps and are delivered in a loving packaging. A soap as a small gift or as part of a gift basket is always a great idea.

Sustainable soap packaging

We not only focus on sustainability in the production of our soaps but also in the packaging. Our soaps are delivered in recyclable paper packaging that is environmentally friendly. This way, you can enjoy your soaps without a guilty conscience and do something for the environment at the same time.

Order soaps online at

Discover our wide selection of natural and vegan soaps and order easily online with us. We deliver quickly and reliably directly to your home. If you have any questions, we are happy to assist you and advise you on our products.