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The category of foodstuffs

Strictly speaking, foodstuffs are dried products based on cereal or starch - excluding flour. However, the term foodstuffs is often considerably expanded and includes baking ingredients, sauce powders, and similar dry products. If rice and various types of pasta are considered foodstuffs, this food category also includes products that serve as side dishes for hot dishes: rice and noodles are still the most important side dishes in this regard, compared to potatoes. The subcategory of binders and breadcrumbs also plays a significant role in hot meals. Binders save you from having to prepare a roux to bind the sauce, and ready-made breadcrumbs make it unnecessary to rub bread rolls for the required breading.

Cereal products on German tables

Cereal cultivation has a long history: people in the Near East are said to have cultivated cereals as early as 8000 BC. Since about 5000 BC, cultivation and utilization of cereals have also been known in western Europe. All cereal varieties grown nowadays belong to the family of sweet grasses. However, the original forms have been changed by breeding so that the yields are much higher than they used to be and the cereal grains are as large as possible. Of course, cereal breeders also have to take into account climate change, pests, and diseases so that cereal is available in sufficient quantities and good quality. Cereal is considered an important source of nutrients for humans, as it contains not only important carbohydrates and fatty acids but also high-quality plant protein as well as minerals and B vitamins. The seven genera of the cereal family are: corn, rice, wheat, rye, oats, barley, and millet. Currently, according to the World Food Organization, each German consumes about 647 kilocalories per day by eating cereal products.

Baking cakes and bread made easy

Very popular subgroups of foodstuffs are baking mixes for cakes and bread as well as baking ingredients. While the latter include flavors, baking powder, and cake glaze, baking mixes form the basis for a cake, a pie, or a bread, as you usually only need to add liquids, fat, and eggs. Almost every baking mix contains flour, salt, and a leavening agent. If it is a baking mix for a cake or pie, it contains sugar and other ingredients. Baking mixes not only save the time otherwise required for weighing, but also guarantee a consistent quality.

The first baking mix is owed to the English baker Henry Jones, who invented "self-raising flour" in 1845. This self-rising flour consisted of flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, salt, and sugar. Over the decades, more providers of baking mixes were added. Especially in the USA, various types of baking mixes could be offered from the late 1940s. In Germany, Kraft and Dr. Oetker were the first companies to offer baking mixes. In 2014, about 8.1 million Germans used a baking mix several times a month and 2.3 million used it about once a week.

Dried fruits and nuts used in a variety of ways

A healthy alternative to sweets are dried fruits and nuts. Choose from different types of dried fruits and nuts that you can either enjoy pure or add to your daily muesli, for example. Especially for vegetarians and vegans, nuts and nut products provide varied and tasty dishes. Due to their content of unsaturated fatty acids, high-quality plant proteins, several vitamins, and minerals, nuts can make a significant contribution to a healthy diet. Among other things, nuts can strengthen the heart and lower cholesterol levels. It goes without saying that unsalted nuts are to be preferred over salted ones. However, if you do want salted nuts, those with high-quality iodized salt should be preferred.

Although dried fruit contains significantly fewer vitamins than fresh fruit, regular consumption is recommended. On the one hand, you can satisfy your appetite for sweets with dried fruit, and on the other hand, you can keep your intestines moving. However, since dried fruit contains between 50 and 70 percent fruit sugar, you should make sure to consume only small amounts. A popular combination of dried fruit and nuts as well as almonds is trail mix. Trail mix originated in the 17th century when almonds and raisins were offered as a mixture. In the following years, dried fruit and unsalted nuts were added. Nowadays, there are many different types of trail mix that differ mainly in their composition. This gives you the opportunity to choose your preferred combination of dried fruit and nuts.

The basic foodstuffs flour, salt, and sugar

Foodstuffs that almost everyone has in their kitchen are flour, salt, and sugar. Usually, at least salt and sugar are used almost daily. Flour is needed less frequently because baking is no longer done daily or side dishes are no longer prepared from flour. The most common types of flour are wheat flour, emmer flour (related to wheat flour), rye flour, and spelt flour. Each of these types of flour is subdivided into several types that indicate the respective degree of milling and the mineral content. A common wheat flour is type 405: it contains 405 milligrams of minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) per 100 grams. The higher the degree of milling, the higher the mineral and vitamin B content. Like the subcategory of flour, salt and sugar are available in various versions - from conventional refined salt and sugar to special crystal salts and cane sugar.

Ordering foodstuffs online for everyday life and special occasions

Whether you need foodstuffs for everyday life or are planning a celebration with self-cooked and self-baked products, this online shop gives you the chance to order all the necessary items conveniently from home. You can find out everything worth knowing about the products that interest you by clicking on them. This also allows a product comparison. Each article is noted for how many days it is ready for shipping. Within a few days, you will receive your complete order delivered to your home. So you not only save time, but also don't even have to carry your purchases yourself if you decide to buy foodstuffs online.