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Convenience food from the online supermarket is divided into different types. The first distinguishing feature is the method of preservation, which varies between freezing, drying, canning, sterilizing, and pasteurizing. Sometimes, airtight packaging is also included in the preservation process, as it affects the storage and preparation of food. However, when buying convenience food, the distinction between processing stages is more significant. The categories include kitchen-ready, ready-to-cook, heat-and-serve, ready-to-regenerate, and ready-to-eat meals. All five categories are available in our online supermarket.

Ordering Convenience Online - Vitamin-Rich Frozen Vegetables

You can buy all types of convenience food in your online supermarket: chilled, fresh, dried, frozen products, and canned goods. The majority of level one convenience products are prepped and sliced frozen fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and peas, that do not have any added spices or ingredients. When buying convenience, you are responsible for seasoning and preparing the food yourself.

Ordering frozen vegetables online as a convenience offers many advantages. It is well known that frozen vegetables can have better nutritional value than fresh produce that has been stored for a long time or under unfavorable conditions. Taste-wise, frozen vegetables can compete with fresh produce and canned foods. Additionally, you will save a lot of time on cleaning and chopping vegetables. These are good reasons to take advantage of the benefits and buy convenience online from our supermarket.

Level one convenience also includes kitchen-ready, pre-cut meats, unseasoned and un-breaded fish fillets (fresh or frozen), kitchen-ready baking mixes, green mixed salads, and potatoes or boiled potatoes in a jar. In a 2018 ZDF study, frozen lamb and beef were considered more tender than fresh meat.

There are various options on the internet to order these types of convenience food online to maximize time savings. In addition to well-known brands like Iglo and Frosta, smaller brands like Hofgut and Ardo offer a wide range of frozen food products, which you can order conveniently online.

Ready-to-Cook Convenience in Your Online Supermarket

Level two convenience products are ready to cook, which means they are ready to fry, bake, or boil. The dishes are already seasoned and have all the necessary ingredients. A wide range of products are ready-to-cook, including fish sticks, breaded fish fillets, breaded schnitzels, ready-to-bake rolls and bread, pre-fried french fries, and pre-fried potato pancakes. Pasta and the popular creamed spinach from Iglo also fall into this category of convenience food, which you can order online.

Level Three to Five Convenience Products - Better than Their Reputation in Our Online Supermarket

Level three pre-made products are often used in student households and are designed for those in a hurry. These include instant powders for making mashed potatoes and various instant soups. Finished dishes can be prepared in just a few minutes by seasoning or mixing with other foods such as water or milk.

Instant broths and salad dressings, such as those from manufacturers Maggi and Knorr, are more interesting for a wide range of consumers. They can help to refine soups, stews, and sauces. Instant mixes for making desserts are also popular. You can buy these types of convenience products in our online supermarket.

Ready-made level four meals have a large customer base. They include frozen ready-to-eat meals and canned goods, practical convenience that you can order online. They only need to be heated up or, in the case of menu components, mixed in the home kitchen.

The subgroup five contains foods and dishes that are immediately ready for consumption without further preparation. Ready-to-eat salads, delicious wraps and sandwiches, canned fish, fruit yogurts, ice cream, smoked fish, baked goods of all kinds, and healthy smoothies all fall into this category. In our online supermarket, we offer various delicious antipasti that are sure to pique your interest.

Products from all categories are offered in a wide variety in our online supermarket. You can buy convenience easily and affordably from us.

Convenience Products with Tradition

It would be a mistake to equate convenience food with ready-made meals. Their characteristic feature is the process of pre-processing. Many of the convenience products that you can order online can be found in all categories of our online supermarket. For the majority of these items, consumers are not even aware that they are buying convenience food. These include baked goods, butter, cheese, jams, curd cheese, muesli, fruit juices, vinegar, wine, beer, and soft drinks. All of these products are traditionally pre-processed foods. Even Grandma’s canned cherry compote is a form of convenience food. This answers the question of who invented convenience products.

More than 80 percent of all foods reach consumers in a more or less prepared form. Consumers cannot avoid buying convenience products. The manufacturers of ready-made meals and frozen products take advantage of this trend and continuously expand their product range. In addition to conventional 'family-size' packages, smaller packaging for single households and quick snacks for the microwave or toaster is now available. This is a fact that can significantly simplify everyday life for retirees, who can conveniently order convenience food online.

Vegan and vegetarian ready-made meals are also offered in our online supermarket for customers who prefer a meat-free diet. These include vegan lentil burgers and vegetarian vegetable balls.

“Free From” products are aimed at consumers with food intolerances. Of course, you can also order convenience foods online that are organic.

Are Convenience Products Expensive?

You may have noticed that the prices of convenience products are higher than those of fresh produce when you buy convenience. After all, the cost of labor and energy for their production must be factored into the price. However, at home, you will save a significant amount of time by skipping the preparation and, if necessary, cooking process. This time can then be used for family and leisure activities.

You will find that frozen vegetables are often even cheaper than fresh produce in our online supermarket. At the same time, it should be calculated that the waste, which significantly reduces the weight of fresh produce, is eliminated.

Therefore, you can buy convenience online with a clear conscience.

How Healthy and Nutritious are Pre-Processed Foods?

It is undisputed that a high degree of food processing is associated with a loss of nutrients. Heat-sensitive plant nutrients and vitamins, in particular, suffer during heating and pasteurization. This fact sometimes hinders consumers from ordering convenience food online. However, heating food is a process that also occurs in the home kitchen and is therefore not a compelling reason to avoid buying convenience food. If you are concerned about the nutrient content of some ready-made dishes, you can balance this with a fresh salad as a side dish or with fruit. You can confidently continue to order convenience food online from our supermarket. However, when buying convenience, you should take a careful look at the ingredients list and check the fat, salt, and sugar content.

Convenience Food as a Part of Life Quality

In addition to time and waste savings, convenience food in the online supermarket scores points through a broad product portfolio. With it, the family's menu can be made versatile and varied without any extra effort. Everyone has a favorite meal that can be further seasoned or refined if necessary. Family traditions and creativity are not neglected either. The wide variety of dishes is available seasonally independent and is hardly affected by weather-related delivery bottlenecks. Seasonal price fluctuations are eliminated.

By choosing to buy convenience food, you are also deciding to increase your flexibility. Unexpected visitors are not a problem if the freezer is full. In addition to dishes for lunch, frozen cakes and pies can also be part of the stock. You can later conveniently order the necessary replenishment of convenience food online. Our online supermarket has a wide range of products available for you permanently.

Another advantage of convenience foods is their consistent quality. If you follow the cooking instructions, each dish will always turn out just as good. This not only saves time but often also saves nerves.

Different manufacturers offer different qualities and flavor profiles of individual dishes. The decision of which manufacturer to buy convenience food from is entirely up to you and your family. All manufacturers' products possess one characteristic due to the labeling requirement. You can find out in detail which ingredients were used and, to a certain extent, where they came from.

Making Convenience Food Yourself

Cook your favorite meal or a dish that uses a seasonal special offer in advance. Soups, stews, and goulash are particularly suitable for portioning and freezing. This allows you to make your own convenience food that can be warmed up on the stove or in the microwave when needed.