Cake Mixes

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Cake Mixes - Delicious Cakes in No Time

Our selection of cake mixes

Who doesn't love freshly baked cake? But not everyone has the time and know-how to bake a cake from scratch. With our cake mixes, you can still enjoy delicious cakes anytime. We offer a wide selection of mixes for all occasions and tastes.

Classics like marble cake and lemon cake

Our classic cake mixes are marble cake and lemon cake. Both are easy to prepare and have a distinctive, delicious taste. With just a few simple steps, you can conjure up a freshly baked cake on the table that will delight your guests.

Seasonal mixes for special occasions

Whether it's Christmas, Easter, or Halloween - we have the perfect cake mixes for every occasion. For example, bake a delicious gingerbread cake for Christmas or a juicy carrot cake for Easter. Our seasonal mixes make baking even easier and provide special taste experiences.

Creative mixes for the adventurous

For those who like to be creative and want to try new flavors, we also offer unusual cake mixes. How about a chocolate-ginger cake or a vanilla-coconut cake, for example? Let yourself be inspired by our creative mixes and discover new taste dimensions.

Gluten-free and vegan mixes

We also have the right cake mixes for people with special dietary needs. Our gluten-free and vegan mixes are just as delicious as conventional cakes and are perfect for people with gluten intolerance or vegans.

How our cake mixes work

Our cake mixes are child's play to prepare. All you need is the mix, water, oil, and eggs. The exact instructions can be found on the package. Usually, you only need to mix the ingredients together and pour the batter into a baking pan. Then into the oven, and you have a freshly baked cake.


Our cake mixes are the perfect helper for anyone who loves cake but doesn't have the time or inclination to bake from scratch. With our mixes, you can enjoy freshly baked cakes anytime that everyone will love. Try our cake mixes and let their distinctive taste convince you.