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You're looking for a new baking pan for the birthday cake or need napkins for the next party? Then you'll find everything you need in this category. Here in the household section, the search for everything you need for your household comes to an end. Items for the kitchen up to the private office can be conveniently ordered from home, because if the household itself already causes work, shopping should be made as easy as possible.

Our online shop places great emphasis on a diverse selection and numerous different brands. This is also reflected in the household section. Numerous items in different price ranges - always in very good quality - allow plenty of room for individual preferences and of course also for the size of your household budget. A house needs to be maintained and you can find the help you need here at Lebensmittel Versand. In addition, you will find a lot of information about the individual household articles.

Help for kitchen and household in the Lebensmittel Versand shop

A home not only offers a nice place to live, but households also bring plenty of work with them. These daily tasks range from assembling a shelf to cleaning, washing, and cooking. You'll find everything you need for this in this section of our online shop. The subcategory kitchen accessories includes everything you need for the preparation of dishes of all kinds. Two important product groups are therefore pots & pans as well as sieves & bowls. Modern kitchen aids such as hand blenders and food processors make work in the kitchen much easier. Many tasks that used to be time-consuming and laborious can now be conveniently done by electric kitchen appliances.

The immersion blender or hand blender is one of the electric small appliances that has now become indispensable in the kitchen. The inventor of the "appareil ménager portatif" was Swiss Roger Perrinjaquet in 1950. The first handheld blender to be sold in Germany was the "ESGE Zauberstab der Hausfrau" which was sold from 1955. Over the decades, numerous manufacturers of immersion blenders have been added, and nowadays you have the choice between devices with different power, with one or more switch levels and sometimes with additional attachments (for example for chopping ingredients). If you prefer to have only a few, but multifunctional electric appliances in your household, you should buy a hand mixer with several functions or a food processor.

In the 1920s, the first stand mixers appeared, which were developed into hand mixers several decades later. The first hand mixers available in Germany were hand mixers from Krups (1959) and Braun (1960). Initially, powers of 100 watts were common, but now most hand mixers have 250 to 450 watts. The best examples are the kitchen aids available from us - the Siemens MQ95010N hand mixer and the Krups F60801 hand mixer 3 Mix 7000. Apart from hand mixers, we also offer you a choice between two kitchen machines from the brands Moulinex (Masterchef 5000 FP5111) and Clatronic (2 in1 silver KM 3099). Kitchen machines are electric kitchen aids that have an even greater range of functions than hand mixers. They are primarily offered as stand-alone devices, so you have both hands free while the device kneads, stirs or cuts. With most kitchen machines, you can adjust the speed in several stages or even continuously to suit the respective requirements.

Detergents and cleaning agents for the household

Detergents and cleaning agents play an equally important role as food and clothing. Both basically provide the prerequisites for a functioning household. Fortunately, the days of washboards and using soap to clean laundry are long gone. From the beginning of the 1950s, drum washing machines gradually became popular. German chemist Heinrich Gottlob Bertsch invented the first synthetic detergent called Fewa as early as 1932. As washing machine technology developed, the ingredients for detergents also underwent changes. The consequences of the increasing release of environmentally harmful substances (especially tetrapropylene benzene sulfonate) were problematic. To encourage manufacturers to produce and sell biodegradable products, the Detergent Act came into force in 1964. The most important requirement for all detergent manufacturers was that all surfactants contained in detergents should be at least 80 percent biodegradable. The effectiveness of surfactants had to be increased accordingly in order to lower their total quantity. The softer the water is, the better surfactants can work. Pentasodium phosphate was used to soften the water, and increasingly, inorganic ion exchangers (such as zeolite A) are used. The proportion of surfactants based on renewable raw materials has now been increased to around 50 percent.

Here in our shop, you can buy both full and color detergents as well as fabric softeners and stain removers. Not only are numerous well-known brands available, but also different quantities as well as powdered and liquid products. In principle, you can use full detergents to clean all white and colorfast textiles. The most commonly used temperature range is between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, but with a full detergent, you can also wash boil wash at 95 degrees Celsius if necessary. Almost all solid full detergents contain bleach, which is not the case with liquid products. Nevertheless, you should not fill liquid full detergents into the washing machine to clean sensitive textiles (such as silk or wool). Color detergents are the right choice for less sensitive colored laundry. Color detergents are characterized by their color-friendly nature. Finally, fine detergents offer maximum color and fiber protection, making them suitable for cleaning delicate laundry items.

Effortlessly keeping the household clean

What you need in terms of cleaning agents depends not least on the existing floors and work surfaces. An all-purpose cleaner, a hand dishwashing detergent and a toilet cleaner are essential for every household. You can use an all-purpose cleaner both undiluted for heavy soiling (such as in the kitchen) and heavily diluted with water for cleaning almost all washable surfaces and floors. A hand dishwashing detergent is of course used to clean dishes and cutlery; you can also use a few splashes of dish soap in water to clean windows, other glass surfaces and mirrors. In the subcategory toilet cleaner, you will find cleaning agents in liquid and solid form as well as various fragrance and cleaning cubes or rinsers. In all product groups found under the category cleaning agents, you can choose from very well-known brands such as WC Frisch, Frosch and 00.

For the removal of stains and dirt that you cannot remove with an all-purpose cleaner, suitable cleaning agents are recommended for the respective area. The bathroom may require a special limescale cleaner, the living room may require a gentle furniture cleaner, and stains on the carpet are best removed with a carpet foam. However, you should always test the effect of the latter on an inconspicuous area of the carpet.

Storage media can also be found in the household section

Order useful items for your household from us, in addition to necessary utensils, which create a cozy atmosphere. This includes napkins, candles, lighters and more. While you will mainly find food in the other categories of this online shop, here in addition to the various necessities of a household, storage media are also offered. Choose from numerous brands and order your CDs here in different quantities and at fair prices. The delivery, like for all other products in this online shop, will be made within a few working days directly to your doorstep - throughout Europe. If you have any questions about the household items offered or your delivery, please feel free to contact us: Just click on the "Contact" section and fill out the corresponding online form.