Hair removal & Care

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Hair Removal & Care

In our category "Hair Removal & Care" you will find an extensive selection of products to effectively and gently remove unwanted hair and to optimize your skin care. Discover the best solutions for smooth, well-groomed, and healthy skin.

Shavers and Razor Blades

One of the most common methods of hair removal is shaving. With us, you will find a wide selection of high-quality shavers and razor blades for women and men. Discover system shavers, disposable razors, and safety razors for a thorough and pleasant shave.

Shaving Gels, Foams, and Creams

Proper preparation of the skin is crucial for an optimal shave. Our selection of shaving gels, foams, and creams ensures a smooth glide of the razor blade and protects the skin from irritations and redness. Discover products for different skin types and needs.

Epilators and Wax

If you prefer long-lasting hair removal, we offer you a selection of epilators and wax products. Epilators remove hair directly at the hair root for smooth skin that lasts up to several weeks. Wax products, such as warm or cold wax, also offer a long-lasting solution for hair removal.

Hair Removal Creams and Sprays

For painless and fast hair removal, we offer you hair removal creams and sprays. These products dissolve the hair on the skin surface without irritating the skin. Discover our selection of hair removal creams and sprays for different body areas and skin types.

IPL and Laser Hair Removal Devices

For permanent hair removal, we offer you IPL and laser hair removal devices for home use. These technologies work with light pulses or laser beams to permanently reduce hair growth. Discover our selection of IPL and laser hair removal devices for a long-term solution.

After-Treatment and Care Products

After hair removal, it is important to soothe and care for the skin. Our selection of aftershave products, cooling gels, and nourishing lotions helps to reduce skin irritation and regenerate the skin. Discover products that are specifically tailored to your skin needs.