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Candy & Sweets - Delights for Sweet-Toothed People

Do you also succumb to the temptations of a delicate melting Lindt praline or Milka chocolate every now and then? Or do you not leave the house without gummy bears in your handbag? Then you've come to the right place in this online food delivery shop! Not only children love and crave them - sweet treats, no matter whether it's Haribo bears, dark and milk chocolate with or without filling, tempting candies or sweet marzipan are very popular among us adults as well. And science has also long recognized the important role sweets play for our psyche, particularly for our reward system in our heads. As young children, we learn to associate the sweetness from breast milk with well-being, familiarity, and security. As adults, we therefore reward ourselves with the occasional treat for good reason. Sweetness, enjoyed in moderation and not in excess, should be indulged in by everyone without remorse!

Sweet Temptation as a Perfect Gift for Sweet-Toothed People

Would you like to do something nice for your loved ones as well? Sweets such as chocolate, Haribo gummies, candy, or marzipan are wonderful small gifts for a loved one. There doesn't always have to be a specific occasion for it. Surprise your mother, your children, or your partner with a sweet attention from the variety of our online food delivery portal.

People have had a fondness for sweets for a long time. For a long time, sweet fruits and honey were what satisfied the craving for sweetness. From 600 AD, methods were developed in Persia to extract sugar from sugarcane juice. In Late Antiquity, sugar ("saccharum") was available as a luxury item to wealthy patricians. Although sugarcane was cultivated in many countries from 1500, it remained a precious and expensive commodity. Only when "white gold" could be obtained from sugar beet from 1747 onwards, did it become available to broad sections of the population. In 1800, a total of 250,000 tonnes of raw sugar were already produced. Sugar beet factories were gradually established, in which sugar was extracted from sugar beet chips. From the end of the 19th century, the sugar bakers were also able to use various machines to cook, knead, and cut the sugar mass. A growing range of candies, jelly, and other sweets products was the result.

The Most Popular Sweets in Germany

For some time now, chocolate has been the sweets that Germans appreciate the most. Each German consumes an average of 90 chocolate bars per year. This figure is opposed to approximately one million tonnes of chocolate bars produced in this country. The following types of chocolate can be roughly distinguished: dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. With an average cocoa content of 70%, dark chocolate is the darkest and strongest chocolate. Like all other dark chocolate varieties, bittersweet chocolate also contains sugar and cocoa butter. Bittersweet chocolate has an approximately 50% cocoa content and 45% sugar. Semi-sweet chocolate (or premium bittersweet chocolate) has about 48 grams of cocoa and 48 grams of sugar. The cocoa content in milk chocolate is only about 12%. The very sweet taste is achieved by adding milk or milk powder (about 22 grams) and relatively much sugar (about 48 grams). White chocolate is distinguished by containing no cocoa, but instead at least 20% cocoa butter. Other ingredients include sugar, milk, and flavorings (such as vanilla).

In our shop, you will not only find a wide range of chocolate bars but you can also choose products from the subcategories of chocolate bars or cookies & co. Whether individually packaged, in mini format or as a multipack: chocolate bars can be bought here in all conceivable varieties. You will receive information about the ingredients, weight, and manufacturer by clicking on the desired product. In addition, you will be shown how quickly the respective item is ready for shipping. If you have any questions about a product or the ordering process, you can contact us by filling out the online form that you can find in the "Contact" category.

Large Selection and Many Award-Winning Brands

Candy and sweets are certainly among the most diverse food products. They cover a particularly wide range of flavors and special preferences and therefore require a correspondingly large selection. Here in this online shop, you will find a particularly large selection of products from excellent manufacturers such as Haribo, Lindt, Milka, and many other brands. No matter what your taste preferences are: you will definitely find something suitable here!

Cookies & Co. or Rather Savory Snacks?

Sweet snacks that go perfectly with afternoon coffee or tea are products from the subcategory of cookies & co. The baked goods, which are classified as shelf-stable food, are mostly made from fat, sugar, flour, eggs, and flavorings. You can choose between butter cookies, specimens coated with chocolate or icing, as well as filled and unfilled cookies. The so-called double cookies, which consist of two cookies and a layer of cream, are particularly popular. This cream layer is based primarily on chocolate, fruit, nut, or milk cream.

However, perhaps you're one of those who don't value sweet but rather salty snacks? In this case, too, you've come to the right place. In the subcategory of savory snacks, you can choose from many types of chips, flips, and crackers. Salty snacks undoubtedly go better with wine or beer than sweet ones. Although chips, flips & co. typically taste savory and salty, these products also contain small amounts of sugar. Not least, savory snacks made by frying contain at least 30% fat. Therefore, salty snacks are not healthier than sweets. Both cookies & co. and chips, flips & co. should ideally be supplemented with really healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables.

Sugar Substitutes in Sweets

Most of the sweets sold in this country still have a comparatively high sugar content. Typical sugary treats include candies, gummies, and dragees, which usually contain at least 50% sugar. If you like to eat something sweet from time to time, you should make sure to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Then you don't have to worry about gaining weight. After all, sugar only makes you gain weight if more calories are consumed than burned.

Sugar substitutes are much better for blood sugar and insulin levels than regular sugar: During the processing of sugar substitutes, both only slightly rise. The energy content of sugar substitutes is an average of 2 kilocalories per gram. However, since the sweetness is only about 40 to 70% of household sugar (sucrose), the food industry often uses a combination of sugar substitutes and sweeteners. In fact, sweeteners have a sweetness that surpasses sucrose by far (for example, neotame is 7,000 to 13,000 times sweeter).

Buying Sweets That Suit Your Taste

The history of sweeteners begins in 1885. When the German chemist Constantin Fahlberg discovered "saccharin" as the first artificial sweetener. Around 1900, the sugar industry ensured that saccharin was available in many places only in pharmacies. Nowadays, sweeteners and sugar substitutes are seen less as competitors than as substances that allow the production of healthier sweets. In our shop, choose from a larger assortment of sugar-free items in the product groups of candies, gummies & licorice, as well as lollipops & chewing gum. The specific sugar substitutes and sweeteners contained can be found in the respective product information. For detailed information, you can also contact us. Because in any case, you should always have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about the products offered. By no means should you buy sweets or other foods that you know nothing or very little about. Consider the "Ratings" section as a helpful decision-making aid.