Instant & Fix products

Best possible packaging for finished and semi-finished products

The most important aspect of the production of instant and ready-to-eat products is undoubtedly the packaging that best protects the food from spoilage. In particular, the packaging must be designed in such a way that the contents are protected from any contamination. Additionally, it should keep moisture, oxygen, and light away so that the properties of the food do not change negatively. The choice of materials for packaging purposes primarily depends on the content. Aluminum is suitable for packaging numerous foods, but as soon as there is a lot of acid or salt, it is unsuitable. In such cases, the manufacturer of ready-to-eat or instant meals uses plastic packaging. Many instant meals are in a plastic cup, into which you just need to add hot water to enjoy a warm snack. The required cooking process is eliminated since the products are immediately soluble.

Sauces and seasoning blends

Although you enjoy cooking fresh meat and vegetables, you may want to avoid the hassle of making a seasoning blend or a suitable sauce yourself. Then you have the choice between many ready-to-use products that already contain spices, herbs, and binders. You can find information on how to prepare the product and, if necessary, for how much meat it is intended, on the respective packaging. Nestlé Deutschland AG and unilever Deutschland GmbH both offer a wide range of seasoning products. In the case of Nestlé, the product group is Maggi Fix, and in the case of unilever, it is Knorr Fix. An example of a Knorr Fix product is Knorr Fix Schweinebraten, intended for the preparation of 500 g of pork. Apart from starch, vegetable oil, and spices, the seasoning blend contains tomato powder, paprika, carrots, onion juice concentrate, and yeast extract. According to the instructions, you must first fry the meat in some oil on all sides. After stirring the contents of the bag with 400 milliliters of water, bring the seasoning blend mixture to a boil. Next, you should simmer the pork roast and sauce over low heat for about an hour. The use of Maggi Fix products is similarly straightforward. An example of a product available here is Maggi Fix Sauerbraten. The piece of beef should weigh about 500 grams. Again, the first step is to fry the meat thoroughly on all sides. After removing the meat, add 375 milliliters of water and bring it to a boil. Then stir in the seasoning blend and bring to a boil briefly. Once the roast has been returned, the cooking time over low heat is approximately 60-90 minutes.

There are sauces that not only fit a particular dish, but can also enhance several dishes. These include basic sauces such as cream sauce, hunter's sauce, and gravy. Due to their versatility, it is useful to stock up on corresponding seasoning blends, especially since they have a long shelf life. You can find, for example, Maggi Delikatess Soße zum Braten (3-pack), Knorr Rahmsoße for 1.75 liters, and Maggi Delikatess Jägersoße for 2 x 250 milliliters here. The preparation of such a sauce is just as simple as that of the aforementioned seasoning blends: you just need to stir the powder into cold or hot water and then bring everything to a boil while stirring.

Bottled seasoning

Even those who do not use it themselves have long been familiar with Maggi seasoning. As early as 1886, Julius Maggi invented liquid seasoning as an inexpensive alternative to meat extract. Nestlé has been producing Maggi seasoning since 1947, which is still bottled in the square, dark-brown bottle with the yellow-red label. This food delivery service gives you the opportunity to choose between three different bottle sizes: the so-called table bottle contains 125 grams; there are also bottles with 250 grams and one kilogram of content.

Instant noodles - Asian fast food

Instant noodles are an invention of the Japanese Momofuku Ando: In 1945, Ando began experimenting with ways to cook noodles faster. As the owner of Nissin Foods, he sold the first bags of "Chikin Ramen" in 1958. These were hard, pressed chicken noodles that only needed to be poured over with boiling water to have a warm noodle dish ready. After the establishment of a branch of the Nissin Foods corporation in the USA, instant noodles were in demand worldwide since 1970 in waterproof Styrofoam containers. Today, the Yum brand is one of the most popular brands when it comes to instant noodles. In our shop, you can choose between Yum Chicken Flavour and Yum Duck Flavour. The preparation of instant noodles is very simple: just tear open the bag and put the pressed noodles in a bowl. Then pour boiling hot water over them, and add some of the included seasoning blend according to your preference.

Instant products of European origin

You can enjoy instant noodles of European origin if you choose a corresponding product from the brands Knorr Snack Bar, Erasco Heisse Tasse, or Birkel Minuto. The Knorr Snack Bar product line includes a total of 13 instant dishes, which you only need to add hot water to, and then they are ready to eat after a few minutes of steeping time. In our online shop, you can order, for example, Knorr Snack Bar Spaghetti Bolognese and Knorr Snack Bar Kartoffel Püree with Röstzwiebeln and Croûtons. Erasco Heisse Tasse is divided into five subgroups: Box, 1 Portion, Gemüsegarten, Crème and Weltreise. The "Box" subgroup has a total of 14 products, of which we offer you Heisse Tasse Käse-Lauch and Heisse Tasse Chinesische Gemüsesuppe. Each box contains three portion bags of the respective type. For more variety, choose Heisse Tasse 1 Portion. Here you will find, among other things, Heisse Tasse Natürlich Rindfleisch-Nudel and Heisse Tasse Natürlich China-Nudel. Do you especially appreciate creamy soups? Then choose from the three types of Heisse Tasse Crème: Waldpilz-Schmand, Käse-Lauch, and Kartoffel-Frischkäse. Heisse Tasse Gemüsegarten contains the products Sommergemüse, Strauchtomate, and Kartoffel-Lauch. Of the six types included in the Birkel Minuto product line, we can offer you five. How about, for example, Birkel Minuto Spaghetti Bolognese or Minuto Kartoffeltopf? Again, you just need to add the amount of hot water specified on the packaging. After a steeping time of about five minutes, you will have a noodle or potato dish that weighs between 250 and 270 grams.