Welcome to our yogurt selection

Our online shop offers you a wide range of delicious yogurt flavors. Whether you are looking for a creamy fruit yogurt, Greek yogurt, or vegan yogurt - we have the perfect product for every taste.

Fruit Yogurt

Our fruit yogurts are particularly popular with young and old. The creamy consistency and fruity taste make them an ideal snack for in between meals or as a dessert.

Strawberry Yogurt

Our strawberry yogurt is made from fresh, juicy strawberries. The mild yogurt flavor harmonizes perfectly with the sweetness of the fruit. Try this yogurt with fresh fruit and muesli - a perfect start to the day!

Raspberry Yogurt

The raspberry yogurt is a great alternative to the classic strawberry yogurt. The fruity raspberries give the yogurt a pleasant acidity and an intense color. Enjoy this yogurt pure or as a base for delicious smoothies.

Greek Yogurt

Our Greek yogurt is particularly creamy and has a higher fat content than conventional yogurt. This makes it perfect as an ingredient in savory dishes or as a base for dips and sauces.

Natural Yogurt

Our Greek natural yogurt is pure and without additives. The mild flavor and creamy consistency make it an ideal base product for many different dishes. Try it, for example, as a base for tzatziki or as an ingredient in salads.

Honey Yogurt

The Greek honey yogurt is a sweet temptation. The creamy yogurt is refined with honey, giving it a pleasantly sweet taste. Try it as a dessert or as a snack in between meals.

Vegan Yogurt

Our vegan yogurt is made without animal products and is therefore also suitable for people with a vegan lifestyle. It is just as creamy and delicious as conventional yogurt, only without dairy products.

Soy Yogurt

Our soy yogurt is made from soybeans and has a mild flavor. It is perfect as a base for vegan dips and sauces or as an ingredient in sweet and savory dishes.

Coconut Yogurt

The coconut yogurt is a tasty alternative to conventional yogurt flavors. It is made from coconut milk and therefore has an exotic taste. Try it as a base for smoothies or as a side dish to exotic dishes.

We hope we have given you an overview of our yogurt selection. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.