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Coffee - the delicious pick-me-up

The Kingdom of Kaffa in Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee: in the 16th century, a shepherd allegedly discovered the stimulating effects of coffee after brewing some coffee beans. The spread of coffee started from Turkey across Europe. Nowadays, coffee is considered an important global commodity. Most coffee-growing regions are located along the equator; this region is also known as the Coffee Belt and encompasses plantations in Africa, Asia, South America, and Central America. The most well-known coffee beans are Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. Currently, every German drinks around 150 liters of coffee per year - compared to only 28 liters of tea.

Coffee is no longer just brewed coffee, there is now a considerable number of other starting products and preparation methods. Popular coffee drinks include cappuccino, espresso, and café au lait. Regardless of whether in gastronomic establishments or private settings: special coffee machines and products such as capsules and pads are increasingly being used. How about trying flavored coffee, for example? Popular flavors are vanilla, nut, and macadamia. In addition, there are coffee pads and capsules to which milk powder and/or sugar have already been added. The use of pads/capsules guarantees the consistent quality of your desired drink.

Tea - not just popular in the cold season

According to legend, Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered the preparation of tea by accident in 2737 BC: a few leaves of a tea plant fell into a bowl of hot water. The scent and taste of the tea pleased the emperor so much that he regularly had tea prepared. Tea seeds were taken from China to Japan in 801 and 1168. The Uji plantations from the 12th century still exist today. The famous tea ceremony "Chanoyu" dates back to 1564. Dutch were the first Europeans to bring tea from China in 1610. The Chinese word "Tai" served the Europeans to name the leaves and the finished hot drink.

Important types of tea are black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong, and Chinese yellow tea. The most well-known types of tea in Germany are Assam, Darjeeling, and Ceylon. Leaf teas (such as Orange Pekoe), small-leafed teas (such as Broken Orange Pekoe), and CTC production (such as Broken Pekoe) can be distinguished. The harvesting periods and leaf quality are decisive for the quality of tea. Flavored teas are very popular. For example, you can choose from many different fruit flavors. Regardless of which type of tea you prefer, pre-portioned tea in bags or pads is the most practical to handle. To get the most delicious tea, pay attention to the water temperature and steeping time. There are big differences here between black and green tea.

Popular with children and adults: Cocoa

Cocoa refers to the dry matter that is produced after processing the cocoa bean, but in Germany, cocoa is also considered a drink made from milk and cocoa powder (plus sugar). The oldest evidence of cocoa plant cultivation can be found in Central America. Accordingly, the plant was used around 1000 BC. However, experts suspect that the sugar-containing pulp was more desirable than the cocoa bean at that time. This pulp could be used to make alcoholic beverages. The gradual discovery of cocoa in Europe led to an expansion of cultivation in Ecuador and Venezuela (17th century). From the 18th century, cultivation areas in the Caribbean and South America were added.

If you need cocoa as a baking ingredient or as a spice for a dish, conventional cocoa powder is the best choice. However, there are now instant powders to quickly make a ready-to-drink cocoa, to which sugar has already been added. So you no longer need to boil milk and then add cocoa powder and sugar. Rather, the instant powder is so easily soluble that it can even be stirred into cold milk. Do you also appreciate variety in milk drinks? Then you might be interested in the range of flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and banana - available as instant powder and as a finished product.

Order coffee, tea, cocoa, and accessories online

Especially for products such as coffee, tea, and cocoa, ordering online is worthwhile due to their long shelf life. Choose from a wide range of products all that you need to prepare your favorite beverage. Because you'll find not only many different types of coffee and tea but also sugar, sweetener, and milk. You even have the possibility of ordering the required electrical appliance (kettle or coffee machine) along with accessories such as filter bags and descalers online. The respective product description, technical data, and existing reviews are the categories that provide you with detailed information about a device, accessories, and food. Take the time you need to decide for or against an item while sitting in front of your computer. Conveniently, there is no need to visit stores during opening hours. Rather, the online store's offer is of course available to you around the clock.

Specialties in the coffee & tea category

Need a specific type of espresso or maybe decaffeinated coffee? Then you are absolutely in the right place, as the product range takes into account not only various manufacturers but also a large number of different flavorings and compositions. This is of course also the case in the subcategories of tea, cocoa, and milk: delicious tea flavors such as elderberry-mint and vanilla-peach await you, as well as lactose-free milk or soy milk. Whether you're a tea or coffee drinker, you'll be amazed at how extensive the range is. Take the chance to optimize your cup of coffee or tea by choosing a modern technical device and your preferred ingredients. Pastries are the ideal companion for a cup of coffee in between. If you prefer sweets with your coffee or tea, you can choose from delicious cookies and waffles in the category of sweets. You can find nuts and dried fruits under salty snacks.