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Grilling Equipment, Igniters & Woods

Grilling Equipment

At our place, you will find a wide selection of grilling equipment for every need. Whether you prefer a classic charcoal grill or prefer to use a gas grill, you will find what you're looking for with us. We also have the perfect accessories for the perfect grilling result, such as grill pans or rotisserie skewers.


To quickly and easily light your grill, we offer various types of igniters. Whether liquid igniters, solid igniters or special wood wool igniters - simply choose the right product for you and your grilling pleasure.


For the perfect aroma of your grilled food, we offer a wide selection of woods for smoking. Whether you prefer a mild or intense flavor, you will find the right wood here. Some woods, such as cherry wood or hickory wood, are also suitable for grilling.


Overall, we offer a wide selection of grilling equipment, igniters and woods for a perfect grilling experience. Simply choose the right product for you and enjoy your barbecue. Also, visit our other categories to complete your grilling accessories.